• Mimushka Darak


“Humans never consider others’ life as a life.”

We tend to satisfy not just our needs but our wants. We never try to understand the deep pain, grief, and struggle of the thing which we are blindly using or practicing the wants which are ethically not needed to be fulfilled.

Commercial Whaling is an example of the above statement. We kill life for no valid and ethical reason. Whales are endangered because of our malpractice only. Whales are taken at the shore and killed and with new technologies, this work has become even easier. Killing a life for men is not a big deal now.

Whales are killed for their oils, their bones, meat, and for mostly all the parts. Their meat is used for cooking, their oil is used raw and as well as in soaps and even to light a lamp. Even after the prohibition of Whale killing by IWC still, many countries like Japan and Iceland are killing and hunting Whales under the cover of Scientific Research.

We should understand that no one’s life is there for granted, neither of humans nor animals. We should stop killing Whales unnecessarily and without any ethical reason. Practices mentioned about killing them for oil can and is replaced by other products like kerosene for lamps, natural herbs ’/plants’ oil for soap and all, and this tendency should be encouraged.

People should also understand the deepness of this topic as by this many Whales are losing their lives for no reason and are soon going to be extinct, so, we should replace their items like plates and showpieces with their bones with something not so harmful for other creatures.

When commoners will not demand something the government and other businessmen will not sell them because of less demand and directly or indirectly we can save many precious lives.

Also, the government should not cheat, as if IWC or any other organization is asking to not practice something that means that is very dreadful and they should understand the thing and importance of prohibiting an activity.

Instead of just thinking about ourselves we should also think about others whether they are other people or animals because it is an ecosystem, even if one creature is gone or is less in no. than it should be then it can result in the devastation of everyone.