• Mimushka Darak

Underwater Noise Contamination

We destroy our land and try to recover it in the same way we demolish water bodies and very rarely try to retrieve it to a better shape. Marine life is in danger because of noise created by commercial shipping, seismic surveys, oil exploration, military sonar, deep underwater mining, and many more.

Many species underwater have gone extinct because of the sound produced by commercial shipping. They all hurt and damage the creatures’ bodies badly. As commercial ships carry humans and cargo, many dirt materials are released in water with a lot of noise.

Seismic Surveys help to find the geological structures beneath the earth’s surface. For getting information about the land, we make life underwater miserable. In this, many pieces of equipment are used which create worthless vibrations and sound underwater.

Deep underwater mining is done for oil exploration and extraction of precious gems. We humans only think about ourselves and our prestigious things. We always forget about animals and unintentionally hurt them physically and mentally.

Using Military Sonar to connect with submarines is a very huge source of unnecessary noise production. As there is a lot of noise many water livings die because of hunger. You must be wondering how food and hunger are related to noise and noise pollution? Well, all the fishes and water creatures catch their prey with concentration and by their prey’s movement. But by all this unnecessarily produced noise they lose their focus and end with no food.

As we are finding methods to save ourselves from pollution, we can also take some steps to save aquatic souls. We can use the latest machines in our equipment which create less sound. We can shift to new machines or can modify the old ones. If work is going on which creates a lot of noise then the oceanic animals should be given a huge noise-free interval in which they can calm and complete their work. Also, by decreasing the speed of the ship a lot of noise will not be produced. If nothing is in our hands then the best thing we can do is socially aware everyone about the causes and solutions which may save the life of some creatures.

As we love our lives, in the same way it is important to understand others’ and animals’ life importance. We can take the initiative and we should take the initiative.