• Rakshit Verma


When the energy is coming right from the sun, why are we digging the Earth?

Solar Energy is the energy from the sun. It can be both thermal or electrical. Thermal energy is everywhere, from heating the Earth to our bodies and our homes. It is all for free! Electrical energy, however uses the power of the sun to produce electricity through solar cells, also known as Photovoltaics. This is also a part of Active solar techniques. The need for the use of solar energy is growing every day because the World Energy Conservation has predicted that, considering the rate of consumption of natural resources, coal deposits will last only 200-300 years and petroleum deposits will deplete in a few decades.

Imagine building a better future with the help of solar energy and never having to pay the electricity bill, both at the same time!

It has been proven in a research study that burning of fossil fuel is the second major factor for the high levels of carbon and sulphur in the atmosphere.

But how does a solar energy system work?

Sunlight first hits the solar panel or photovoltaic ( PV ) which is then absorbed by semi conducting materials like silicon. Electrons are, in turn, knocked loose from their atoms which allows them to flow through the material in order to produce electricity. This process is known as photovoltaic effect. An array of solar panels convert solar energy into DC current electricity. The DC electricity so created is made to enter an invertor which turns it into alternating current electricity of 120 volt. The alternating current power enters the utility panel in the house and the electricity is then distributed to appliances or lights in the house. When more electricity is generated, it is stored in the battery as DC electricity and will continue to supply your home with electricity in the nighttime or in the case of a blackout. When the battery is full, the excess energy can be exported back into the utility grid in case the system is connected to it. Utility drawn electricity can also be drawn from the grid if not enough solar energy is produced.


1) NASA designed solar power vehicle called “Helios”

2) Semi Autonomous War Machine called “Odysseus”

3) Solar car called “Quant”

4) Solar Street Lights

5) Solar Cookers used in rural India

Why pay for harming the environment when you can save it for free, with only a down payment to install photovoltaics.

Every 24 hours, enough sunlight touches the Earth to provide the energy for the entire planet for 24 years.