• Mimushka Darak

Rise in Sea Temperature

“Increase in the level of good things are appreciated but are less frequently happening.”

Humans tend to criticize everything of others, but we never try to see deep down what is wrong with ourselves. Most of the time humans are the reasons for natural calamities or mishappening. Marking nature wrong for natural destruction is wrong as nature follows the theory of “Equal and Opposite reaction.”

Looking deeply into the topic we can analyze that Global Warming is the main reason for our problem. Oceans and seas absorb greenhouse gases which lead to a huge problem in today’s world.

The rise in temperature leads to a major problem of deoxygenation - a reduction in the amount of oxygen dissolved in the ocean. It is a very destructive cause as by this a large amount of marine life loses their life or this gets them some problems in their functioning.

As the sea’s temperature increases, it leads to the heat in ice caps and glaciers. This reason in melting of ice is one of the main reasons.

Considering the above point, because of the melting of ice the sea level is increasing day by day at a tremendous rate. Increasing sea level is the only reason for floods, destruction of coastal areas, and humanity’s losses.

Also, the main reason for the high temperature of the sea is resulting in Thermal Expansion of seawater.

There are not many ways to easily waive off what we have destructively done to nature but we can follow some small steps so that we can reduce some amount of problem.

We have to limit greenhouse gas emissions. This is the main reason for almost all the problems. Now we should understand and reduce the usage of fossil fuels, non-renewable sources, and natural gas.

For the sake of the life of marines, we should balance the marine ecosystem so that the imbalances can be reduced.

Mostly the debt is on humans, so we should change our adaptations and focus on a healthy and positive atmosphere and environment.

All the problems are interconnected with each other. So, we should open our eyes and stop procrastinating the curing steps.