• Mimushka Darak


The water is helpful and a need but the melting of poles needs heed.

Human practices are the main and only reason because of which poles are heating up and melting. Only because of one’s greed, the man is putting the animal’s life and the environment in danger.

Melting of poles because of climate change is leading to an increase in sea level. An increase in water level is resulting in floods because of which many coastal regions have been submerged in the ocean.

The causes of climate change are pollution, waste materials, and global warming. Global warming is in the way of covering the earth with a huge blanket of Green-House Gases. Pollutants released by automobiles, factories, and the burning of fossil fuels are the main reasons for devastation.

Ice floe reflects all the extra heat from the sun into space but as ice caps are converting into water bodies, the earth is getting warmer as by fewer ice glaciers earth would absorb more solar radiations which can be hazardous for all the living creatures.

As glacial masses are decreasing, there is a chance of extinction of many ice animals. As animals like Polar bears, Penguins and seals have thick fur coating, by which they will not be able to survive in the heat and more warmth. Also, they find their food from ice or other sources like hunting. So, if one the animal extinct or their population number decrease then because of an imbalance in their food chain the whole gelid community could be destroyed.

We can control global warming in many ways. The use of renewable energy resources is the main saver. The use of Solar Panels, Wind Mills, Nuclear Energy, and more for generating electricity and other energy-consuming activities is way better, effective, and beneficial than burning coal for the same.

Some adorning ways to protect our nature and ourselves are by producing less pollution, we can conserve our environment to a great extent. Using public vehicles, doing carpooling, disposal of wastes in biodegradable form, and purification of gases and wastes produced by factories before springing out it in nature.

One can also spread social awareness by social platforms, rally and public stages to the people who are not aware of global warming and conservation. This will help every living creature and environment as by this everyone’s area of understanding will increase and everyone will be more alert and rational.

One should understand the drawback of global warming on everyone and the fragility of our planet and try to take helpful steps as much as everyone can.