Meet The Team

Trisha Hakim

Head of Content

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Priyal Jain

Founder & President

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Radhika Goel

Head of Design

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Riya Gandhi

Head of PR and Communications

What Do We Do?

We publish articles and interview transcripts to educate you about the ecological issues and how we can solve them. We also host sessions/workshops to raise awareness about these issues in a more interactive way and finding more innovative solutions to solve them.

Ella Sobhani
Ella Sobhani
Vivian Wu
Vivian Wu
Jana Elagrem
Jana Elagrem
Shreya Vivek
Shreya Vivek

The Sustainable नवोन्मेष Volunteers

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Sparsh Mahajan

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Praveena Tandoc


Mimuksha Darak

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Amalia Heide

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Khushboo Goel

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Nandini Goswami


Nihira Prakash

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Prince Santosh Kumar

Our Collaborations!

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Project Aquascope was born out of an after-school program at our high school called Envision Conservatory for the Humanities (ECH). While the aim of the project is ultimately about STEM (in particular environmental science) rather than the humanities, study of the humanities in this program has been integral in guiding their approach to making an impact.